5 Simple Steps to a More Gorgeous Butt

Jennifer Lopez’s butt is the object of desire for every man on the planet and the envy of women. So, it is not really surprising that there are rumors that she insured her behind for over one million dollars. If you were in her shoes, you would have also done the same thing because beautiful buttocks are hard to come by.

But for women who are not blessed by Mother Nature to have such round buttocks, there is hope for you. There are many ways to improve the firmness of your butt. Yours may not look like that of J. Lo’s, but with some exercise and discipline you can at least drastically enhance and develop that part of your body.

Below are some steps to make your friends envy of your buttocks:

Step One. Watch What You Eat

The food that you eat greatly affects the state of your body and health. If you keep on gobbling up fries and gulping gallons of soda everyday, your problem will not only be your gluteus but your whole body as well.

If you think you are seeing your butt expand out of proportion, you should start making your diet a bit healthier. Instead of snacking on a chocolate bar or a donut, try some raw almonds or a small apple. Little changes in your daily intake of food will have long-lasting effects on your buttocks as well as your general health.

Step Two. Just Work it Out

Although J. Lo and other movie stars may have been gifted with spectacular butts, if they did not work them out regularly and kept them toned, they will also end up having cellulite-ridden behind. So what are you waiting for? Head for the gym and do some lunges.

While working out, it may also be a good idea to take things slow. There are a number of people who do their exercise routine very fast because they want to get it over with ASAP. But doing your lifting and exercising ultra fast will not give you the results you want. Take it slow and try to enjoy what you are doing. You can stay positive and more persistent by imagining how the lifting and exercising can make you look good on that bikini you have been longing to buy for the summer.

Step Three. Increase Your Physical Activities

Aside from working out regularly, you can increase physical activities everyday by changing your daily routines a little bit. Instead of eating on your desk, it may be a good idea to go out and walk some distance before eating. Instead of using the elevator, you better start climbing the stairs. Parking far away from your office or the mall will also force you to walk more. These little changes will surely go a long way in helping you maintain your weight and tone your butt muscles.

Step Four. Go Ahead and Look

Many women are afraid to look at their buttocks because they abhor them. However, not looking at them or hiding them under layers of clothes will not change anything. Your behind will still look wiggly, cellulite-ridden and you will still feel bad about it.

The best thing you can do is to look at your butt and see what things you can do to improve its shape and appearance. It may also be best to wear tight fitting clothes when you are at home so that you will be constantly reminded that you need to watch what you eat and keep on working out to help you achieve your dream of having shapely and to-die-for buttocks.

Step Five. Banish the Blemishes

Aside from concentrating on the shape of your butt, you also need to do something about problems like cellulite. One thing you can do to help get rid of cellulite in your butt is by using anti-cellulite creams, such as Celrase. For more information about Celrase, just visit http://www.celrase.com/.

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