Burn Fat Fast and Efficiently

If you are just starting out in your battle to burn fat fast, information may be one of the best tools in your weight loss arsenal.

If you learn how your body works when it comes to burning body fat and calories, then you will be able to tailor a program of eating and exercise that will allow you to burn fat fast and see consistent results over time.

While diet plays an important part of any burn fat fast program, exercise will not only help you burn body fat faster; but it will also help you keep off that weight once you have lost it.

If you want to burn fat fast, you have to incorporate some type of cardio exercise into your weekly routine. And this simple tip is something that most people do not realize.

When beginning any exercise program, always do your cardio workouts last.

Any cardio like biking, jogging, elliptical machine, or swimming will help bump up your metabolism and burn fat fast; but it takes a few minutes before your body will get all of the benefits of the cardio exercise you are using.

It takes your body about 15 minutes to warm up before it will start to burn body fat.

So if you can do 15 minutes of light weight training first before your cardio workout, your body will immediately start burning fat and you’ll get the maximum results when you do start your cardio workout.

On the other hand, if you immediately head to the treadmill, and jog steady for 30 full minutes without doing anything else, your body will not start to actually burn body fat until 15 minutes into your jog.

So out of the 30 minutes spent on the treadmill, you will only be actually burning body fat during the last 15 minutes of your run.

Take the time to do some light warm ups and/or weight training so your body is ready to burn fat fast as soon as you hit your cardio exercise.

Jumping rope or some light weight lifting for 15 minutes before hitting the bike, treadmill, or pool will allow you to burn fat fast and give you the maximum benefits from your cardio workout.

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