Fat Burning Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Victoria, I am so confused… I have no idea what to eat any more. With all the diet information out there right now, I don’t know what to do. I just want to know what to eat to burn fat fast?
– Caroline R.

Caroline, I am so excited about your question. If you have ever struggled with dimply junk on the back of your legs and butt, then just take your time and soak up every word in this article. There are many gems that you can take away and begin today to start smoothing out that rocky road.

Your question reminded me of the time when I was getting ready for a fitness championship and I had a total melt down. I was looking good, so I thought. I was so excited because I had been posing at home in my bathroom mirror and I just could not wait to see how my much better the definition in my muscles would be under “posing lights” at the gym. Posing lights are special lights that are designed to make your muscles look more cut, defined and striated. Those are bodybuilding terms for looking “HOT and BUFF”!

I gathered up my swimsuit, posing oil and a scrunchie to pull back my hair so that it would not cover up one beautiful striation of hard earned muscle.

I went to the gym I was training at that had a perfect set of posing lights installed by the head trainer, a NPC Body Building champion.

Ok, I get to the gym, run in the women’s locker room, put on my skimpy competition posing suit and oiled myself up. I slipped into a comfy robe to cover myself as I walked across the gym to the room we used for posing. I confidently took off my robe and gracefully walked across the room as if I was walking on stage. I believe that we should always be “on” and rehearsing in our mind and with our body what we want to be.

I walked to center stage, did a customary quarter turn to face the mirror, which was my private audience, and stood in prejudging form. My first reaction was, “sweet, I look awesome”. I hit some poses and did a few dance moves to try out my suit. Then I did my rear lat spread facing the back of the room. In this room you could see yourself from every angle because it had a three way mirror effect and that’s when the horror hit me.

AAAAHHHHH! I was so lean, so cut and so perfectly symmetrical in every direction and at every angle except when I turned around there were these horrific little dimply dents, cellulite, as we women have come to refer to it, on MY PERFECT BODY!

I was so upset, I broke out into tears, grabbed my robe, ran back into the locker room and threw on my sweats I wore on the way over to the gym. I did not even bother to take off all the oil I had on and my sweats became an oily mess which then made my car seats a spotted mess. I did not care one bit about my clothes or my car. I could buy some more sweats and I could buy a new car if I wanted to, but I had to do something fast to get those dimples off the back of my thighs and butt. I only had two weeks to get contest ready.

I called an associate I knew and asked her for help. She gave me a referral to a nutrition scientist in Arizona. I made a distress call immediately and he promptly began to tell me about certain foods that help your body go into a positive fat burning state and he also told me how some of the foods would act as a diuretic and help me lose trapped body water under my skin to make my body appear more lean and less dimply.

YES, there is a God in Heaven and He answers prayers I thought. I took copious notes and then… do you know that he actually sent me a mini diet plan written on a piece of notebook paper. Not a science manual, not a registered FDA document, or a two hundred page book like most people sell today. It was almost illegible because like many scientists and health professionals they scribble when they write.

Well the plan not only worked, it was amazing how fast my body responded to the foods I began eating and I ended up winning my competition!

So… that plan that I received years ago, that worked wonders for me, is what I am going to share with you today.

Now keep in mind, I am not a scientist. I am a published author, professional trainer of certification programs for fitness trainers and a top selling DVD Celebrity Fitness Personality. I am all of the above but the most important attribute I am teaching you with today is, I am an ex-fat person who was over sixty pounds heavier who had cottage cheese thighs and dimply butt… and now it’s gone! I bring you today my personal experience as I share with you what I have found.


Thermic Effect Principle

Foods have a thermic effect. The term “thermic effect of food” is used to describe the energy expended by our bodies in order to eat and process (digest, transport, metabolize and store) food. We expend energy by living which is metabolic functioning, breathing, working, exercising and anything else that uses muscular contractions. This is what causes your body to burn calories. Excess fat in your body is actually stored energy, whether it is on your belly or on your legs and butt. It’s fat, energy, and it has to be burned and removed in order to remove those dimples. So remember, your not fat, you just have a lot of extra energy!

This is so amazing! Processing protein requires the greatest amount of energy. Estimates range as high as 30% above your resting metabolic rate. Dietary fat, on the other hand, is so easily processed and turned into body fat that there is little thermic effect, perhaps only 2 or 3% above your resting metabolic rate. The amount of energy required to process carbohydrates falls between that of protein and fat. A range of around 10% is usually used to account for the thermic effect of food you eat.

Most of us have never heard about thermic effect of food so we just grab whatever is convenient when we are hungry

Protein causes your body to burn hotter which helps you burn more calories. So now that we know that, we have to choose the best protein sources to keep our furnace burning hot and strong all day long.

Choose low-fat protein sources

Meat, poultry and fish along with egg whites and egg substitutes are some of your best sources of protein. But be careful to choose lower fat options, such as grilled or baked, not fried or breaded. Choose milk such as skim milk rather than whole milk and always select skinless chicken breasts rather than fried chicken patties.

Fish is another good alternative to high-fat meats. Some types of fish – such as cod, tuna and halibut – have less total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than do meat and poultry. And certain types of fish are heart healthy because they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats may help lower blood fats called triglycerides and may reduce your risk of sudden cardiac death. Omega-3 fats are most abundant in fatty, cold-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel and herring.

Catabolic Foods

Catabolic foods burn up more calories than they supply. Catabolic foods are the opposite of Anabolic foods. For example a medium sized apple (which is catabolic), would provide an average of 85 calories, however your metabolism would require an additional 99 more calories to metabolize it. As a result, you burn more calories than you are ingesting for a overall net loss.

To help maintain your weight it is helpful to eat a minimum of ten servings of catabolic foods each day. In addition to catabolic foods you can eat proteins and other carbohydrates in moderation without gaining weight.

High grade catabolic foods are more effective than others. It is best to spread the consumption of your catabolic foods over the course of the whole day. You can eat these items to your heart’s delight. You don’t have to go around counting calories or skimping on volume and quantity with theses catabolic foods. I like to combine my proteins from my list above with the vegetables listed below for my meals and then for my snacks I go to town on the fruits and vegetables listed below. I also drink two to three quarts of water per day to keep flushing my system.



Parsley leaves
Sweet Potato
Brussels Sprouts
Leeks – cooked

There you go, this is the beginning of the entire process that can help you burn fast faster. It is enough to get you started today on your journey to a whole new you.

God Bless and make it the Best Week Ever!


Victoria Johnson is a Fitness Celebrity and Life Coach with over 23 Video/DVD Titles and her best selling Quick Start Energy Program. Visit her web site at http://www.victoriajohnson.com to sign up for her free weekly email newsletter full of all the latest insider celebrity diet secrets!

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