How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat? 7 Sure Fire Ways to Getting Rid of Your Stomach Fat for Good!

If you really want to know How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat .. then realize this – you have to improve the way you eat, and you just have to workout! Below are 7 simple but effective ways to getting rid of your stomach fat fast –

How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

1. Think small – before you revamp your eating habits, take a few weeks to write down everything you eat. Just keep track of what you’ve already consumed before you put the next thing in your mouth. It gives your brain a chance to say NO. Look for simple ways to cut back – like switching from a ham roll with cheddar and mayo to ham in wholemeal bread with salad and mustard. Small techniques sounds insignificant, but they are the answers you’re looking for!

2. You need fat, healthy fat that is – choose lower fat foods like meat trimmed of lard, fish, poultry (without skin), pulses, eggs (up to 6 per week), quorn and soya. If eating out, order grilled fish not fried. And when cooking meat, fish and poultry – try it dry frying, grilling baking or poaching and skip the salt! Other good sources of fat are – mono unsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3 fatty acids and poly unsaturated fatty acids.

3. ‘Bad’ foods can be good. The keys are portion size and cooking method. Juicy, tender cuts of steaks are fatty but are fine to eat if you trim the lard before cooking, or grill it so excess fat can drip away. As for an easy guideline on portions, always eat less steak than you would chicken and eat off 1 salad plate only (no more than one serve). Controlling your fat intake and portion size is a great combination to reduce the amount of your daily calories.

4. Use your lunch break wisely – spend half your lunch break walking. Taking a midday walk or a run can boost your energy, and reduce stress. Best yet, it gives you more time after work with family or friends.

5. Believe it or not, this is how to get rid of stomach fat – eat your treats …. but DOWNSIZE IT.

make treats miniature, instead of giving them up altogether. Instead of trying to live without dessert, choose smaller portions – like 1 piece of an apple crumble baked pie or a small bar of chocolate. Get your sugar hit without dangerous left overs.

6. If you had the choice , do you want muscles or fat? Muscles, of course … Muscles are great for burning the calories for both men and women. In other words get into strength training TO GET RID of stomach fat!

7. If you really want to stop wasting time at the gym, this is how to get rid of stomach fat – get into cardio workouts that gets your heart pumping. Exercises like interval training … and any kind of ‘stop and start’ sports like basketball, tennis are effective in getting rid of stomach fat! It simply burns more calories than a standard boring run on a treadmill.

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