The Few Sure Fire Ways To Lose Your Fat Butt

Having a fat butt is every woman’s night mare. You hear that common complaint all the time” does my bum look fat in that”. It could be a dress or tight fitting jeans.

So today ladies i am going to show you how to lose your fat butt for good and get yourself a fit bootylious butt that’s every woman’s dream.

There are a few simple exercise and nutrition tips that must be adhered to to lose your fat butt.
It is important to understand the butt muscles before you start working them out. This is because when you know what and where they are you will have a better understanding of how they work and this will fasten your progress.

The butt muscles are also called gluteus maximus.They are there to help you balance and are involved in many motions where the leg is pushing out, such as stepping up a hill.

There are three things you need to do in order to lose your fat butt ladies:
1) Start working out with weights.
2) Start eating nutritious foods.
3) Start doing cardio.

Start working out with weights.

A lot of women frown when i tell them to work out with weights. They say it will make them look muscular like bodybuilders. I laugh and reassure them that it won’t. In fact since a women has less testosterone than a man the only way she can end up looking muscluar is if she takes steroids in conjuction with training.

What working out with weights will do is create muscle tone and when she has toned muscle she will burn fat faster. This is because it takes the body a lot of energy to maintain muscle mass. Where does the body get the energy? From fat stores. Squats is a very good exercise for the butt muscles.

Start eating nutritious foods.

No matter how many times you workout, if you don’t recover by eating nutrious foods you are not going to see results period. What i mean by nutritious foods are protein e.g chicken, lean meat, eggs, whey protein, fish etc. Also complex carbs e.g brown bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables, etc.

Start doing cardio.

When i say cardio a lot of people think i am talking about running on a treadmill for an hour or running down the road likewise. No, i am talking about short intense cardio sessions like hill sprints or stair climbing. These workouts are done for 20-25 minutes maximum at a high intensity. I can assure you that you will lose your fat butt faster this way.

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