Thinner Thighs

Here’s how to get thinner thighs… quick, easy, and without having to go to a gym. I know you’re busy. So I’ve designed this so you can save precious time to relax and enjoy your family instead of having to slave away for hours and hours at a gym.

1. HIIT walking and running outdoors

This is a simple 20 minute workout you can do right outside your home on the street. What I want you to do is switch off between running and walking. In other words, do intervals. This is much better for burning fat than jogging due to the after-workout AFTER BURN. This is where your body burns calories at a higher rate (for 10 or more hours in some cases).

Walk for 50 seconds and then run for 10 seconds. Keep doing that for the whole 20 minutes. In the end, you’ll have run just 200 seconds… or 3 minutes and 20 seconds out of 20 minutes. Not much, but the effects are nothing short of amazing.

Fat peels off your body quickly doing this type of workout.

2. Do jumping jacks at home during TV commercials

You may thing this is a worthless exercise, but you’d be wrong. Instead of trying to convince of how great they really are, I just want you to do this for me so you can prove or disprove this exercise.

Watch TV for 30 minutes. Then, during each commercial, do jumping jacks until your TV show comes back on. That’s it. Nothing more. Tell me that wasn’t a good, solid cardio workout for you. It was only 8-10 minutes too. AND… you got to watch TV.

Do these 2 things and you’ll get thinner thighs finally.

Jennifer Jolan is a weight loss and nutrition consultant who has helped over 3,700 women over the years. Click to get your FREE 19-PAGE Report titled “How Spinning Around in a Circle Like a Child Skyrockets Your Weight Loss”.

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