Tone Hips

Tone hips… soon they will be yours. As easy as 1-2-3, firm hips become a part of who you are. You won’t have to diet and you won’t have to even set foot in a gym. HIPS HIPS Hooray!

1. Use a weighted hula hoop for toning and feminine definition

A weighted hula hoop will cost anywhere from $10-20. It’s worth it. It helps free you from the gym. Considering the gym probably charges you around $40 a month, it’s a cheap alternative to consider.

I want you to use a weighted hula hoop instead of a normal hula hoop because they rotate slower around your waist, thus making it easier to keep it twirling around.

Just using the hula hoop for as little as 5 minutes a day helps to give you the soft, toned curves all over your hips and waist. This won’t happen overnight, but with consistency it will happen.

2. Fat burning from jumping jacks

Jumping jacks seem to be forgotten, but they are really effective for burning off fat without building up muscles that may make you look BULKY. Because of the movement, your hips will benefit a lot from jumping jacks.

Just stand with your feet together and arms at your sides. Now jump your feet out while swinging your arms upward and clap your hands together above your head. Now reverse that and bring your arms down while jumping your feet together.

Do 1 minute of these, 5 separate times each day. Do them as fast as possible for the best results. Try for at least 45 each minute.

3. Swing dancing

Maybe this isn’t an option for you. If that’s the case, focus mainly on #1 above and some of #2. But if you’re into dancing, swing dancing would be great for your hips because of the movements and fat burning. Not only that, it’s FUN. Doing this once in awhile is a nice change of pace you should consider.

If you’re trying to tone your hips, these are 3 options you should consider before you go about boring yourself doing the typical gym stuff, that to be honest… isn’t really productive for most people.

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