4 Things You Can Eat Right Now to Help You Burn Fat

You would be surprised at how many things you can actually eat that will help you burn fat. Sure the amount you eat and how you eat can all contribute to fat burning but the actual choices of foods can have an even greater effect. As a matter of fact a lot of the fancy fat burning pills on the market have regular everyday grocery store ingredients in their formulas that help to burn fat.

One of the most used everyday food items in fat burning supplements is cayenne pepper. I think there is even a fad diet that uses cayenne pepper in water as a fat burning supplement. This is due to the metabolic increase in your body that comes from eating the active chemical ingredient in the pepper called capsaicin. This ingredient causes your body to produce heat and produces an effect known as thermo genesis. This process can actually get your body into fat burning mode for hours after eating. So try sprinkling a little of this pepper on your food when you need an extra kick to take off the pounds.

Another helpful food to eat is citrus fruits. Now normally everyone knows that fruits are part of a healthy diet and this might sound like a no brainer but I am referring to citrus fruits in specific. These contain the essential fat fighter Vitamin C. Vitamin C can actually help to dissolve and liquefy fat to mobilize it and get it out of the body. This is what is behind the fad grapefruit diet. There is no reason why you cannot add in some vitamin c through some tasty fruits to give you an extra fat burning boost without having to resort to any of those celebrity diets.

Green Tea has been touted as a great fat burner on TV and in weight loss ads but does it really work? Well surprisingly enough studies show that it actually does work. Now this does not mean you have to go and buy those green tea pills and join the fad diet revolution. You can get the same effects from just drinking the green tea. Studies have shown that 4 – 6 cups a day can actually come close to doubling your fat burning efforts. Loving the taste of green tea will make it even more rewarding and easy. Of course there is nothing wrong with using the pills if you hate tea but if you like the flavor your wallet will thank you for avoiding the pill form.

Last but not least good old fashioned water can be the one thing that can take your fat burning to the next level. It is almost essential to a fat burning diet that you incorporate some regular water intake. Not only does water do wonders for your body but it will also help you to feel full and not crave extra food. In addition drinking no calorie water will substitute any high calorie drinks you normally have and can help you to maintain a calorie deficit. Water really is a no brainer when it comes to burning fat.

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