How Much Cardio Is Needed To Burn Fat?

The goal for anyone who wants to lose fat is to achieve maximum fat burning in the shortest time possible. It is very important to choose or create the right training program that is the most effective. There are a lot of discussions and arguments about what is more effective: long duration and low intensity workouts or high intensity workouts. This can be very confusing for people. A personal trainer in one gym suggests low intensity workouts and if you go to a different gym then a personal trainer there may suggest high intensity workouts.

So how much cardio is needed to burn fat?

As it is with so many other things, both sides have some truth in them. The low intensity aerobic exercise proponents say that this method is more effective in burning body fat because if your heart rate gets out of the target heart rate, you stop burning fat for fuel and start using carbohydrates for fuel. That is why so many experts promote this method.

But the problem with this method is that if your exercise is low in intensity, then you just do not burn enough calories. If you donĀ“t burn enough calories then you will not lose fat. It is better to use more intense exercises in your workouts because they burn more calories. High intensity aerobic exercise can use as much as 65% of the body’s energy needs in the form of carbohydrate. Burning calories is more important than what you use for fuel. The harder you work out the more calories you burn.

But high intensity exercises are only effective if you can maintain it long enough to burn more calories then with low intensity. To burn calories effectively your workout has to last from 25-60 minutes. If you do a very high intensity workout but you it only lasts for 15 minutes then it is not effective. The trick is to find the right tempo. The most effective method to burn calories is a relatively high intensity for 30 minutes or so. The only way to find out what is the most effective zone for you, is to find it out yourself. There is no magic number. Trial and error!

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