Top 5 Weight Loss Tips and Guides for Teenagers

Eat Healthy

If there was only a few weight loss tips and guides available for teenagers and others, the most important one would surely be to eat healthy. Check the intake of things like fat, protein, sugar and caffeinated foods in order to improve your overall health and help you in your drive to lose a few pounds for a special occasion. In fact, if you make a conscious effort to always eat healthfully, you may find that you no longer need to go on endless diets.  Instead, you will maintain your desired weight within a few pounds of what is appropriate for your height and body type.


Walking more is one of the best weight loss tips for teenagers.  In fact, just as for adults, movement–active enough to get the heart rate up and the blood flowing.  Because adolescents are normally functioning at a more efficient rate from a metabolic standpoint, sometimes it doesn’t take as much effort to kick the metabolism into a higher gear as it would for an adult.  Even a few minutes walk two or three times a week will provide overall improvement in general health as well as better oxygenation of the blood, and will firm and tone the muscles.

Avoid Fast Foods

One of the least popular weight loss tips for teenagers, in fact for all of us is the recommendation to avoid fast foods. Fast foods are often a significant part of the normal diet of Americans and these foods are often high in fats as well as calories.  Replacing a double bacon cheeseburger with a grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread will change the number of fat grams consumed by a significant amount and be better for your heart as well. If you can’t avoid fast foods as a teenager, at least choose those that are more healthful than others.

Participate in activities

Weight loss tips, whether for teenagers or adults almost always include the recommendation to increase the expenditure of energy in order to burn more calories.  Teenagers can do so by ramping up the sports activities and doing more high energy activities such as roller blading, dancing and similar pursuits. Increasing the activity level alone will result in more calories expended, even if the food intake level doesn’t change.  Using both techniques will be doubly effective. Making more sensible food choices adds yet another dimension to effective weight loss.

Avoid Sugar

Sugars, both refined and natural are often used by teenagers in order to provide energy for the many activities in which they participate on a daily basis.  However, in order to lose weight or at least to control weight, it is important to avoid the intake of large quantities of refined sugars such as those typically found in candy, ice cream and other products.  Taking advantage of the variety of weight loss tips will help the modern adolescent maintain the ideal weight levels throughout later life as well. Choose wisely as a teenager and your later weight control issues will be lessened or nonexistent.

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