Who Else Wants A Flat Stomach And Curvy Butt?

In today’s world it is all about good health and fitness. Not only that but for women especially it is all about looks and feeling good about it all.

So who else wants a flat stomach and a curvy butt to go with it? Come on ladies put your hands up. I know there are a lot of ladies out there that want such assets so i am going to lay down a few ways to make your desires a reality:

Take a look in the mirror.

First of all take a look in the mirror and look at your condition. How far out does your belly protrude. Can you see the lard and stretch marks around your stomach and butt. It is time to take action.

Buy an exercise magazine or dvd.

There are many exercise videos and magazines out there you can purchase. Once you purchase them you need to follow there programs and instructions. Look for exercises that target the butt. Examples are squats, lunges, dumbell deadlifts to name a few. these exercises tone the butt and give it more shape and curve.

Also look for magazines or videos that target the abs. Examples are crunches, bridges, leg raise to name a few. These exercises target the abdominals and get them toned so that they are held in place. Also don’t for get to some cardio to burn fat.

Buy nutrition magazines and diet books or videos.

Again there is loads of information from magazines and books on the type of food that you need to eat to burn fat off your butt and stomach.

You need to stay away from simple sugars like white bread and processed junk food that contains saturated fat. Portion control should be adhered to. What i mean by this is that you should eat small meals but frequently. When you eat small meals your bellly will not protrude like it does when you eat a karge meal. Large meals stretch the abdominal wall and then it is hard to get it back to normal size when you lose weight or have an empty stomach.

Make sure you eat a lot of protein like fish, chicken, lean meat, etc. Then also eat complex carbs like whole wheat bread and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Never ever skip breakfast.

Never miss breakfast because if you do you are setting yourself up for failure. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It cranks up the metabolic machine. And when you eat breakfast you are less likely to pig out in the evening and ruin your efforts at attaining a flat stomach and a curvy butt.

Sleep eight hours a night.

Sleeping a hours a night will aid weight loss even faster. Yes we lose weight when we are asleep. So get the proper amount.

Avoid alcohol.

Women who drink alcohol get beer bellies just like men do. And it is not just lager that gives you a beer belly, all types of alcohol will give you one.

So ladies if you follow these steps religiously and for a life time there is no reason why you can’t sport a flat stomach and a curvy butt.

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