How To Slim Thighs – 3 Easy Tips!

Ladies, you can learn how to slim thighs with these 3 really quick tips. They are easy to put into action and you can begin right away!

1. Diet – Make sure you take in your required daily calorific intake of 1800 kcal. Any more and you’ll struggle to be in a negative calorie deficit by the end of the day. Any less and your body will not have the required energy to exercise or use fat as energy. It will instead use protein from lean muscle tissue. Not good!

2. Cardio – Aim for a minimum of 3 sessions of 35 minute cardio exercises bouts per week. This can be walking, running, cycling, swimming or rowing, what ever you fancy. Running though is the best at burning those calories as more of your body is in use.

3. Resistance Exercise – Specifically target your thighs with resistance exercise. The best exercises are lunges, squats and prone leg extensions. These compound exercises target your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves in one go.

4. Portion Sizes – You should aim to reduce your portion sizes. Most people eat until they are fit to burst every meal of the day. When you eat to 100% satiety, your body cannot deal with such large quantities in one go so much of it is stored as fat. If you ate more regularly but cut your portion sizes, to say 60% satiety, you would still be taking in the same amount of food, but not storing as much as fat.

5. Drink Water – Easy isn’t it. Two litres a day will burn 100 calories. This is not just because you are jumping up going to the toilet all day long. Take regular sips throughout the day, you can add cordial to it if you like.

Follow these 5 How To Slim Thighs tips and you will see excellent results within two weeks guaranteed.

If you fancy taking things to the next level I recommend Thin Thighs Program. It has helped out thousands of women achieve their dream lower body figure through a combination of exercise, diet and other incredible advice. Good luck!

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