Slim Thighs Exercises

Here are some slim thighs exercises that will tone your thighs in a week to 10 days. Forget that typical gym stuff that does nothing but waste your time. Here’s the solution to your problem.


1. Walking on a treadmill that you incline 15 degrees

This is hugely different than walking on a flat surface. The incline makes this exercise much MUCH better for weight loss and it also targets your legs and butt a lot better… directly.

Not all treadmills are able to incline, so find one that can. Then incline it and walk for 25 minutes. Get back to me and tell me how it went! Actually, I know how it went. You’re going to love it AND hate it.

2. Hindu squat for 5 minutes non-stop

The key to this squat exercise is that you treat it like a cardio exercise and not a weightlifting exercise. There are no weights needed because it’s a bodyweight exercise. Just squat up and down fast and don’t stop if you can help it. If you must stop, be sure to keep it short, like 10 seconds or less and only do that 2-3 times total in the 5 minutes.

This is a simple exercise, but it’s NOT easy.

It will really test your will and show to yourself if you truly will do whatever it takes to lose weight. This exercise burns off fat FAST! The 5 minutes you devote to this will burn off more fat than jogging for 1 hour. Why? Because of the “AFTERBURN” effect it creates. What that means is simply this… you will burn fat at a HIGHER RATE for 18+ hours AFTER you finished doing the 5 minutes of hindu squats.

If you’re busy and want some simple slim thighs exercises, this is the way to go so that you can tone your thighs in 10 days or less.

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