Toned Thighs – Slim Thighs and Beyond

I bet you want some toned thighs… slim thighs just like Betty Rubble from the Flintstones. That’s what you were thinking, huh… Betty Rubble.

Ok, I’m getting a little goofy since it’s a Wednesday as I write this article. But seriously, I’m going to show you 2 home exercises you can do that will get you some sexy thighs fast! Just in time for the summer beach and bikini season.

1. Jump on a mini-trampoline

Wow… this firms up your legs big time. Just go get a $25 mini-trampoline and get jumping. Nothing complicated. Heck, if you have little kids, this would be a good way to develop healthy exercise habits with them.

I’ll give you a secret tip that I use all the time that frees up a ton of my time. I jump on the mini-trampoline during commercials. If you ever timed the commercials for a 1-hour tv show, they average about 20-22 minutes of the whole hour.

This saves you other time since you don’t need to allocate an hour or two for going to the gym.

2. Wall squats

These are such an under-appreciated exercise that women could benefit greatly from. Lean your back straight against a wall with your feet about 18-20 inches away from the wall. Squat down while maintaining your back against the wall.

Make sure your upper legs pass parallel to the ground on each squat. Also, to develop all of your thighs, use 3 different foot positions… close, medium, and wide.

I suggest you do 4-5 sets of at least 10 repetitions.

So if you want toned thighs or slim thighs like Betty Rubble (I mean come on, who doesn’t want Betty Rubble’s legs… ok, I’m getting silly again since I’m in such a good mood), then try those 2 exercises for a few weeks and prove to me they don’t help improve your legs so you can look good at the beach or pool this summer.

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